Wedding photos in Bucharest: Inspiration, Learning, Creativity. Valentin Melen - fotograf de nunta 🤍

I recently had the opportunity to attend a wedding photography workshop organized in Bucharest by top Siberian photographer Alexander Lupascu and Constantin Stefan from It was two intense days full of valuable information, where I learned about lighting techniques, keeping creative and how to manage long term memories. Let me tell you more about this memorable experience!

The first day of the workshop was about lighting techniques and how we can be creative. Alexander shared from his rich experience and explained the workflow and storytelling in wedding photography. Afterwards, we had the opportunity to do a Save The Date shoot with the models, Tayfun and Andreea, outside and inside, even though the weather played tricks on us. We learnt how to work with artificial light to achieve stunning results, playing with shadows and colours to create contrast in the photos.

The second day was just as interesting, starting with a good coffee and a snack to recharge our batteries. We continued to discuss photography and how to make artistic, impactful and moving images. With the bright sun shining down on us, Constantin and Iuliana volunteered to be models for some photos in the bright light. Before the lunch break, Constantin talked to us about the importance of calibrating monitors and how to take care of our clients' materials, including the use of several back-up modes. To understand Alexander’s entire workflow, we also edited some of the photos from the shoot.

For me personally, this experience was really special. I had the opportunity to bond with fellow photographers and exchange stories and tips in photography. I learnt that there is always something to learn and grow from, so I have made it my goal to attend a workshop every year to get better at what I do.

I can’t wait to put into practice all the knowledge and skills I learned at this workshop, and if you’re also looking for a photo shoot or are having a wedding, I invite you to contact me. I will be happy to help create your memories.

Location: Spatiul Versatil Bucharest

Models: Tayfun and Andreea

Organizer/ Trainer: Alexandru Lupascu

Photographer: Valentin Melen


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