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Fotografiile realizate la cununia noastră au ieșit cu adevărat extraordinare! 🤩

Civil wedding under rainy skies — See photos. Valentin Melen - fotograf de nunta 🤍

On the last Saturday of May, we set off for Suceava with great joy in our hearts. We had scheduled a photo shoot before the civil wedding of two dear people, Filip and Claudia. We already knew each other from last year, when I photographed them in another context. I felt privileged to be with them at such an important moment in their lives.Although the weather didn’t seem to be on our side, that didn’t discourage me. On the morning of that day, I noticed that it was raining heavily just before we arrived at the photo shoot. I was worried about how we would be able to take photos in such inclement weather. However, I was confident that everything would turn out well.We arrived at Tătărași Park in Suceava and, in a moment of joking, Filip said: “It’s not even raining! :)”. Then, as if by a miracle, the rain stopped and the shy sun appeared through the clouds, sprinkling its warm rays over the park.I started photographing enthusiastically, in a fresh setting and dressed in vibrant colours after the rain. The park seemed peaceful and reserved just for us. In every glance and gesture, I managed to capture their genuine love.As time passed, the sun began to shine brighter and brighter, as if it too was enjoying with us. You can see this in the photos too. After the photo session full of emotions and precious memories, we headed to the civil ceremony location. There, in front of their nearest and dearest, Filip and Claudia declared their love and made heartfelt and touching vows.It was a magical day full of the unexpected, and this added a special touch to the whole experience. In the end, I understood that sometimes, even when the weather seems to be not on our side, something wonderful can happen. 

Location: Parc Tătărași Suceava

Couple: Filip and Claudia

Photographer: Valentin Melen

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